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Behind askHRpros.com

askHRpros.com, Your Personal HR Connection, is powered by experts in employee relations and workplace practices, committed to helping managers create productive work environments that enhance profitability. Users receive prompt, reliable assistance on issues that arise in the workplace or on workplace practices that impact your bottom line.  Leaders from service, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, transportation, construction, IT, finance and mining industries receive timely solutions to thorny workplace problems.

There will be times when the answer to an HR-related question will include the recommendation to consult legal counsel or the union contract.  This is recommended only when your concern borders on a matter that could reasonably result in litigation or arbitration.  When such a recommendation is made, you will be provided the framework to address these resources in a manner that amplifies your knowledge of HR-related matters, and moves swiftly and succinctly towards resolution.

Let askHrPros be your personal HR connection.  Email us at info@askhrpros.com.

Behind askhrpros.com:

Dea Walker, founder of askHRpros.com and advisor,  has served as HR Director in both the public and corporate arenas. She has guided employee recruitment, hiring, compensation, benefits, training and skills development functions. An alumna of Oberlin College, she has spent decades assisting managers in creating policies, procedures, practices and environments that avert employment litigation while enhancing productivity. Her experience in organizational management has proven effective in profit-making and non-profit enterprises. Experienced in all facets of organizational development and performance management from formal strategic planning to coaching and counseling on an individual basis, Ms. Walker has taught management training and leadership development to hundreds of supervisors, managers and directors throughout her career. Ms. Walker has served as a consultant to numerous organizations across and outside the United States. She is an accomplished facilitator and public speaker.

Mr. William Frankel, M.Ed., also an askhrpros.com advisor, is an experienced consultant, executive coach, corporate trainer and therapist. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Frankel has provided services for a wide variety of organizations throughout the United States including manufacturing companies, universities, financial institutions, school systems, law firms, accounting agencies and municipalities. His areas of expertise include stress management, conflict resolution, coping with organizational change, workplace violence prevention, management-union mediation, dealing with difficult people, work performance enhancement, and effective communication. Mr. Frankel has extensive experience in coaching and behavioral change programs. Mr. Frankel is an expert in Wellness and Employee Assistance programming. He has been a keynote speaker to business and industry throughout North America and is a senior consultant to the Human Resource and Executive Management communities. Mr. Frankel received his B.S. degree from The Ohio State University and his M.Ed. from Loyola University of Chicago.

 L. D. Watson is an experienced research associate with an MBA in Human Resource Management who provides ongoing updates from state and federal governmental websites that focus on HR issues.  Her research experience spans diversity, training, benchmarking and program management as well as legal and financial research. Her meticulous and well-honed skills add immense value to the askHRpros.com staff. 

Let us help you with your HR issues.  Email us at info@askhrpros.com.